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Throughout the centuries Ireland has enjoyed and celebrated a rich cultural history of storytelling, music and song. Today, we carry on that tradition using the latest digital technology to produce captivating stories for the big screen. The Irish landscape was a huge inspiration to C.S. Lewis. In his essay ‘On Stories’ he wrote:

“I have seen landscapes, notably in the Mourne Mountains and southwards which under a particular light made me feel that at any moment a giant might raise his head over the next ridge.” – C. S. Lewis

Saint Patrick’s Breastplate 4K

Prayer of Saint Patrick – Jean Watson

Lights, Camera, Action

Marshall Film is an award winning independent film production company located in the market town of Ballynahinch, set in the picturesque rolling drumlins of County Down, Northern Ireland.

Jeff Marshall (VII)
Producer | Editor
IMDb Filmography
2013 Bleeding Pines of Turpentine (Documentary) (additional editing)
2006 Fiddlers Walk (Drama) (co-producer)


Film Production

Fiddler’s Walk
12  |  75 min  |  Drama  |  25 August 2006 (Ireland)

Writer/Director: Lawrence KavanaghGeorge Kingsnorth
Director: George Kingsnorth
Producer: George Kingsnorth
Co-Producers: George KingsnorthPatricia KingsnorthJeff Marshall
Music: Claire Fitch
Cast: Sara DylanAnthony FitzpatrickAoife JohnstonBronagh Waugh | See full cast and crew »

Architect, Aoife McKenna, inherits an Irish pub but when she attempts to renovate the place, the locals put up resistance. Aoife’s eagerness to succeed reveals a secret with profound consequences. Fiddler’s Walk is the journey of a young woman, stepping away from the hurley burley of modern America and finding herself in the depths of post-troubles Ireland, where new world commercialism collides with old world community values. Fiddler’s Walk is shot in the beautiful landscapes of South Armagh, County Down and County Louth, in contemporary Ireland.


Bleeding Pines of Turpentine
90 min | Documentary  |  16 September 2013 (UK)

Writer: Ray Owen
Directors: George KingsnorthRay Owen
Producers: Ray Owen, Brady Becks

Southern Pines has America’s oldest stand of virgin Longleaf Pines; the trees bear V-shaped scars made by former slaves for the turpentine industry. The film tells the story of how the people loved the woods but nearly killed them, and how they now fight to save them as well as save themselves. Turpentine was the oil of the age, and the devastation of the trees spread across the land. Ninety million acres of Longleaf Pines, one of the greatest forests on Earth, was all but lost by the early 1900s. The haunting beauty of the remaining trees inspired a group of artists to tell the story of their homeland, in a journey that would take them from the Sandhills of North Carolina to the shores of the Irish Sea.

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‘The greatest art in the world is the art of storytelling’. – Cecil B. DeMille